30/900 is a video installation exploring a once familiar and now estranged everyday landscape of a life left behind. The videos read the fragmented experience of an immigrant going through temporary residencies in a forever-liminal otherness between departure and a promised arrival.
The textual and visual poetry of this space play with concepts such as separation, language attrition, memory, and overall, a reflection on the past and present. It also provides a deeper insight into immigration and displacement by highlighting the invisible and yet resistant negative space surrounding an individual navigating a new land
The film is 8':52" and is still on display for film festivals. The link to the film will be here after the distribution process through the festivals. So far it had been awarded at Falcon International Film Festival and Student World Impact Film Festival and Experimental Short Film Category. 30/900 was a finalist in V.i.Z. Film Festival and has been selected and displayed in Contemporary Video Art Exhibition at Twelve Gates Arts Gallery.
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